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since 1987


Promise Photos by Bonnie McBridge


My philosophy is all about capturing the art that inspires happy and successful people. Behind the best picture, there is the best photographer.  Behind the best student, there is the best teacher.

I am the best for these reasons that I create masterpiece photographs that inspire people to make the best decisions in their lives (business,family,friends,relationships,etc.)so that they can be happy and successful and Each time that they come back to take more pictures, they will be happier and more successful than ever before. I’m the best “digital photography teacher” because I create productive photographers. I enjoy teaching my skills in photography because I have confidence in my knowledge.    I remember when I was learning, I was like a robot. I saw that every human being express themselves in any way they like. Since I’ve learned that I can express myself, I can be who I want to be. It is easy to copy something successful and reproduce it.  People do this in my country as well. The real success is creating by producing an Action. I decide which lens to use, which camera, which aperture, speed shutter, white balance, iso, lights, et cetera.  Having the knowlege to make such decisions inspired me to create my own Action. Action is something that I’ve acquired in my years with experience. It is never about how many years I have been working, but how well I work in my years. My success is my Action. Some people talk about style: Oriental style, Latin style, African-American style, White people style; I have never believed in a style

because I have never seen a human being with five eyes, three legs, or fifteen fingers. Since the moment that every human being has had two eyes and ten fingers I believe in techniques. As soon as I can learn the  technique ,and the more that I can practice it, I can make it perfect.

Charity Projects

In 2007, I started to teach photography in the Children’s Shelter in Orange County . Here, where children who have been abused by drug-addicted parents or parents with mental health issues ,are waiting to be adopted by foster parents . I teach digital photography in a way that builds self-esteem and rehabilitation. In 2011, I brought the same project to the Shriner’s Hospital for Children, in Los Angeles, Cedars Sinai Hospital and Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach with the cooperation with Starlight Children. In the same year in the Veteran’s Hospital in Los Angeles. In 2013, I brought the project “Mind Reaction”in the hospital jail in Patton, San Bernadino and the halfway-house in Los Angeles. This last project ehlped patients to find truth in their lives so that they can move to make better decions. To me, when a person is in jail, most of the time it is because the person made the wrong decision “to me, a person is able to make a wrong decision when the trust of the person is in something unreal.”So that means that means that when the trust is in something real, I can make the best decisions for my life.  Everything starts where each individual puts the trust(parents, siblings, school friends,friends at work, neighbors etc.) To me, when a person regrets it is when the person finds more truth in life, until that moment the person is conviced that everything done is right To me, having knowledge in digital photography, it means having the knowledge of finding more truth in life.

The world is missing sense, why my pictures should have sense?